Star of 'stage' and screen!

Filmmaker Sam Vladimirsky has made a short film about Lesley for Musee Magazine, featuring live footage of Experiments In Electrostatics.

Legacy in Light


Lesley Schiff revolutionized the photocopier from being an office tool to just another instrument in the artist's arsenal. Rather than addressing the tool in her work, Schiff instead uses the photocopier like a paintbrush to realize her vision.  Once a painter, Schiff says: “I never intended to stop painting. I just decided to start painting with a modern tool. Working with the color laser printer keeps you in your culture.  It's like America.  Plugged in.  Electronic. Direct." Painting with light, Schiff's body of work offers her vision of the cycle of our existence: man, woman, child, civilization, nature, technology. More recent works challenge the viewer to understand the concept of eye-levels and perspectives, reinventing the way we see. Schiff's work was the Metropolitan Museum of Art's first digital acquisition, and most recently, was featured at the Whitney Museum of American Art in "Experiments in Electrostatics".