LESLEY SCHIFF is a Fine Artist, whose work has been acquired by major museums, corporate and private collections globally. 

She uses a color laser printer “like a paintbrush” to create her art.  She has said about her work and her tool: “I never intended to stop painting. I just decided to start painting with a modern tool.  Working with the color laser printer keeps you in your culture.  It's like America.  Plugged in.  Electronic. Direct—but no matter how hi-tech my tools become, I’m a painter, but instead of painting with oils, I paint with light.


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I worked at The Metropolitan Museum in 1981, when they acquired [Lesley’s] SEASONS portfolio.

We knew we wanted it, even though we didn’t have a category for it.
— David Kiehl, Curator of Prints and Special Collections
The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City

Miss Schiff creates her work on a Canon state-of-the art color laser printer, using Hammermill Photowhite paper.
She prints her finished artworks on Canon's imagePROGRAF 12 color large-format printer, using Hahnemuehle Fine Art archival papers.

Photo by Sam Vladimirsky