Selected Work


"Eclipsed Time" Distant Systems (2015)

Distant Systems (2015)

A straight-on look at the cosmos. (more)

"Clock Swimmers" SEASONS (1981)

SEASONS (1981)

Explores the seasons of Man, Woman, Child, Civilization, Nature and Technology. (more

Detail, "Dark Continents" (2010)


Assorted series addressing money and politics; "Dark Continents" (2010), Blood Money (1992), Face Value (1992)

"Angels Angle" (2016)

Angels (1992, 2016)

A view of the Otherworldly from eye-level; originally 1992, revised 2016 

"Black Tide" Dark Landscapes (2010)

Dark Landscapes (2010)

A study of landscape and black and white 

"Gabrielle's Secret" (1999)

Portraits (Ongoing)

"Twilight Flowery" (2016)

Inflorescence (Ongoing)

Addresses the natural world

"Studio Boy (LIT Heat)" (2013)

LIT: A Portrait of Bob Dylan by Lesley Schiff (2013)

A multi-image portrait of Bob Dylan in four temperaments; "HEAT, COOL, SIMMERING, TIME"